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Special feature of trip to Tokushima that wants to be visited by all means
We go barhopping in good local sake!
Visiting sake breweries ... of ... tokushima city
It is local sake of the land that is interested while traveling. As for the local sake that Tokushima has many sake breweries and cannot readily see in restaurant and shop of town. How about sake enthusiast getting Tokushima souvenir by all means visiting sake breweries of tokushima city?
Okonomiyaki Tokushima-style in this!
Trip ... which meets ... Mametama, Mametentama
In fact, town of powder mon gourmet that Tokushima does not lose Osaka and is not inferior to. Do you know that there is local menu to okonomiyaki? We introduce shop where okonomiyaki only by such Tokushima can eat "Mametama, Mametentama".
We color prefectural capital
Tokushima spring travelogue ... that ... cherry blossoms bloom
It is got close to tokushima city for a long time, and famous spots for its cherry blossoms that have been loved by citizen's people scatter. Cherry blossoms that cherry blossoms, surface of a river coloring Mt. Bizan become glassy surface of water and suite are scenery of tokushima city pride. For encounter of once-in-a-lifetime chance with cherry blossoms, please come for cherry blossom viewing and walk.
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Spot of trip to enjoy Tokushima in diversity
It is full of charm and experiences seasonal Tokushima
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