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We enjoy water capital, Tokushima
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The magnificent Yoshino River which symbolizes water capital, Tokushima. It is place that water activity including SUP and surfing can enjoy casually while being in right in the middle of city area in tokushima city which flows so that the branch threads through several downtown!
If do not eat; sonson♫
Try out ... Tokushima, Awa tail chicken; ...
Tokushima-born brand regional chicken "Awa tail chicken" that we shined with the best amount of production in Japan for "regional chicken" in 1998, and the popularity already became the national constituency. Recipe introduces various "Awa tail chicken" only by cook of here that knew everything about the characteristic in riot dishes, too.
Night delicious sight-seeing
Description of ... Tokushima well-known store roam ...
If we are invited to beautiful light and stroll the city, there are full of delicious dokoroga only by Tokushima there. It is having fun in feeling of the day including well-established taste, taste of general public, slightly stylish taste that drops in in total.
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